The illustration above is by AJ Dungo. He is a great person, great artist, great friend, and was also a great boyfriend to Kristen. For the first video, I'm sending you to Havoc TV for a video they produced on AJ. There he speaks on his work and the influence Kristen had on both his work and personal life. You'll also notice that they used footage from a video below. Thanks Havoc and AJ for this amazing piece of work. 



These are videos I made throughout Kristen's cancer journey. It started at the end of 2007 and ended at the beginning of 2017. Watching the videos, you see the physical changes that occur in Kristen's body as the cancer slowly takes over. The one thing that remains constant is her smile, and that is what I'll always remember. 


This is a video I made for a Pepsi contest in 2010. I believe this was Kristen's first relapse, and first thoracotomy (long surgery), which was followed by chemotherapy. All the footage was taken at City of Hope, in Duarte, CA. 


Kristen passed away in February 2016.  I think this footage was from a trip to New York in the summer of 2015, but I didn't make the video until after her death.  Whenever she was healthy enough, we always made it a point to travel, and New York was one of our favorite places (for everyone in this video). At this point in her life, she'd already been threw more than a few lung surgeries and a below the knee amputation of her right leg.  Looking back, it's so incredible what she was able to do despite her lack of both a lung and leg. 



This was the very last trip we took in January 2016. A month before, her scans showed new growths in lungs again. She had already undergone 7 lung surgeries in total and her surgeon told her another surgery wouldn't be a very good option. She also decided that she didn't want to endure another round of chemo, so we went into this trip knowing what the final outcome would be. We just didn't know it would take place so soon, only a month later. At this point, Kristen had trouble breathing on her own so we traveled with multiple oxygen machines. Because breathing was hard, that made walking hard, hence the wheelchair. Flying also wasn't an option, so we hopped on the Amtrak and took a train to Seattle and Portland. We made it work, and it's a trip we'll all remember forever.