stupid cancer ragnar.jpg

Team LaK and Stupid Cancer have teamed up to tackle the Ragnar Relay Race, and kick cancer's butt at the same time!

Stupid Cancer's mission is to empower those impacted by young adult cancer and improve health outcomes for the young adult cancer community. Their ultimate goal is to "MAKE YOUNG ADULT CANCER SUCK LESS." So it makes perfect sense why we would want to team up with them.

Now, the Ragnar Relay is an intense team relay race, covering nearly 200 miles over two straight days. Only a crazy person would want to do that, right? Well, then call us crazy. Because, when we were given the opportunity to put together a 12 person team to conquer the Ragnar, and make cancer suck less, we didn't think twice. 

On April 6-7, myself (Jeffrey), and 11 of my closest friends and family, are joining forces to run our hearts out and find our inner wild at Ragnar Relay SoCal. Starting in Orange County, CA, we're covering nearly 200 miles as a team on foot, and running our way from Huntington Beach to San Diego. Every step and every mile, will be dedicated to every body we know that has been affected by cancer. Not just for La and Kristen, but for everyone who has hurt and suffered through cancer's destructive path. 

There is no better way to say thank you than taking the opportunities you are given, and using them to help others. This is just one way to help those still hurting, and still fighting their battles with cancer. 

Running 200 miles might sound hard, but there is nothing harder than fighting for your life. 

With your help we can make a huge difference is the lives of those affected by cancer. Click the button below to contribute to our fundraising goals, and together we can Make Cancer Suck Less.